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P.A.N. Features
    P.A.N. is able to:
  • parse virtually any text
  • determine sentence structure

  • P.A.N. identifies:
  • moods, tones, key imagery & themes
  • emotional turmoil & conflicting ideals
  • stress markers & syllabic emphasis

What P.A.N. is...

P.A.N. is not simply a poetry analyzer, nor is it a simple parser. Just like a car is a final product of multiple smaller components, the same is true of P.A.N. By breaking a clause down into its' smaller parts, P.A.N. portrays a text in such a way as to allow you to see it from multiple perspectives. Each result is different and reminds us there is no singular way to see a text.

How Does it Work...

By showing you a complete text, in each stage of development (clause, key phrase, action, keystone, word, syllable, stress) P.A.N. allows you to put a text under a microscope and see from every angle possible. This allows many different variations of understanding.

Who Should Use it...

If you find something worth reading a second or third time, or maybe think you don't fully understand a text at all, then P.A.N. will be able to assist in seeing something in a different light.

   Here are the highlights of P.A.N. to date:

1. Basic Analysis
   - breaks down text into clauses, by determining critical end-of-clause points.

2. Extended Analysis
   - examines emotional undertones, and locates areas of angst/emotional turmoil.

3. Analysis Summation
   - displays part of speech information, and lists recurring themes throughout text.

4. Quick Start
   - used to test P.A.N.s functionality with texts used in the development of P.A.N.

5. Clause Creator
   - allows the user to tweak P.A.N.s' interpretive abilities by creating,or abolishing end-of-clause points.

6. Scansion System
- allows for a different perspective on the text by viewing text parsed based on syllable and stress.

Contact Information

For general questions, comments
contact Benjamin Bowes at: