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P.A.N. Features
    P.A.N. is able to:
  • parse virtually any text
  • determine sentence structure

  • P.A.N. identifies:
  • moods, tones, key imagery & themes
  • emotional turmoil & conflicting ideals
  • stress markers & syllabic emphasis

    as with anyone else, i have always wished to do something profound and unique. that takes P.A.N.s' time of conception back to 2005, when I decided to leave the construction industry by enrolling in university.

    i chose English as my major, primarily because I was continually reminded it was one of the most difficult programs available. being reminded of arbitrary limitations is an ultimate pet peeve of mine.

    in order to fulfill my academic endevour, i was forced to branch out to topics unrelated to literature; my interest in human behaviour led me to sociology, and my love of computers brought me to the science lab. most days were of course populated with various literature related topics.

    it wasn't long until i was introduced to and fell in love with all classes relating to poetry. the double-edged meanings, the ambigious interpretations. no answer was wrong, only more interesting. i discovered the intense intrigue involved in breaking down different styles of poetry. i found that no matter how much a piece of literature is broken down, there is always something else, another layer to examine.

    two years into my three year program (2007), i had nearly exhausted all poetry classes available. while i was thinking about that during a seminar, i was taking notes on my laptop when suddenly it dawned on me. if i want to do something profound, and continue to analyze literature, why not create a program that will help me?

    in the middle of class, i abandoned every intent of note-taking and fired up the application i learned about in computer class just the other day and began coding the very first version of P.A.N. by the time class was over, i had hardly noticed. P.A.N. contained 50 lines of code, could only analyze a text that began with the word 'a' and had only two possible interpretations.

    a lot of time has passed since that poetry class, and before and after work (and sometimes during my lunch break), i sit either at my computer or with a good book, trying to find the next layer to examine..

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